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What's New in Toms River Schools
PHOTO: What's New in Toms River Schools
Walnut Street Parachute Launch
Walnut Street students worked in teams to design parachutes with enough drag to prevent an uncooked piece of spaghetti from breaking when it landed. The students used the engineering design process to determine the ideal canopy materials and size, the suspension length, and the load. The classes came together to launch their parachutes. They recorded their observations, and one parachute in each grade level was chosen to compete for the best overall parachute design based on the amount of drag that it exhibited. Each parachute was launched, and the winning design took 12 seconds to reach the ground.
PHOTO: School Spotlight
Congratulations to High School East senior, Kyleigh Norris, who signs her letter of intent to continue her education and play softball at Wagner.
PHOTO: District Events
Freshmen Fun Day
High School East's Freshmen Academy held their first "Freshmen Fun Day". The three "crews" competed in events including tug-of-war, tricycle races and musical chairs. Crew "Black Diamonds" won the points and a pizza party! All had a great time.

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