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What's New in Toms River Schools

PHOTO: What's New in Toms River Schools
Summer MakerCamp
Toms River Regional Schools created Title I Summer MakerCamp through $100,000 New Jersey Department of Education innovateNJ grant. The program runs for 6 weeks and each week includes a field trip that focuses on one or more real world problems. Students pictured are participating in the second week of this exciting camp. [more info]
PHOTO: School Spotlight
Spanish Enrichment Program
Intermediate students are enjoying their summer by attending the Spanish Enrichment Program. The Spanish Enrichment program is to promote the acquisition of the Spanish language through a rigorous but enjoyable total immersion curriculum that provides the students with the ability to speak, read and write in Spanish.
PHOTO: District Events
Waksman Institute DNA Sequencing
Authentic Science Research students and teachers spent three weeks at the Waksman Institute at Rutgers University sequencing the the DNA of Duckweed, Landoltia punctata. The sequences will be published in the International NCBI database. Duckweed is being studied as a replacement for corn in bio-fuels because of its high starch content. The work our students and teachers have done will continue through the 2016-2017 school year, helping to complete the Duckweed genome.

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