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David M. Healy
Superintendent of Schools


Superintendent's Message

(Toms River)- President of the Board of Education Joseph Torrone states, “The most important action a school board can take is to appoint a new Superintendent of Schools. Appointing a Superintendent of Schools for Toms River Regional Schools is especially challenging given the student population of over 17,000 from grades K-12, the professional and support staff that numbers approximately 2,500 and the largest board owned school busing fleet in New Jersey.” Torrone continues, “We are very pleased to appoint a seasoned professional we believe is the right person to lead the Toms River Regional School District to the next level. We are excited and confident to announce the appointment of Superintendent of Schools David M. Healy.”

The new superintendent is leaving The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, where he is currently serving as Superintendent, to take this position. The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District is also a K-12 district that is located in Monmouth County.

David M. Healy graduated from Westfield Schools, Monmouth (College) University and earned a master’s degree in Administrative Supervision in addition to an endorsement in Human Resources Training and Development in the Graduate Studies Program at Seton Hall University.

Healy's first full time teaching job was with the NJ Department of Corrections at the Bordentown Correctional Facility, which he started while in graduate school at Seton Hall. After over nine years there, he left in 2003 as both the Teacher of the Year and Office of Education Employee of the Year for the State of New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission.

Healy became an assistant principal and then a principal for the Monmouth Ocean Education Services Commission. Soon after, in 2005, he became an assistant principal at Matawan Regional High School, and then went to the Middletown Public School District as assistant principal for Middletown High School North. While in Middletown, the largest district in Monmouth County, he became the Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Personnel. The Middletown Public Schools District is comparable in size in that it has a total of seventeen schools including twelve elementary schools, three intermediate schools and two high schools.

David M. Healy states, “I am sincerely honored and privileged to have been selected to lead the Toms River Regional School District as its next Superintendent of Schools. I would like to sincerely thank the Board of Education for their patience, professionalism and hospitality throughout what was no doubt a lengthy and arduous process.”

I have been regularly impressed with Toms River Board of Education’s unwavering and steadfast commitment to ensuring that the Toms River Regional School community is provided with the exceptional leadership necessary to foster a sound educational system and that our children are served well.”

Healy continues, “I would like to thank the Board of Education for this great opportunity and I look forward to working with them and the entire Toms River Regional team to provide the most optimal educational environments for our children with the best days for the Toms River Regional School community lying ahead. The Toms River Regional community has a long and rich history full of Jersey Shore pride and traditions and it is great to have the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Mr. Healy is married and father of three school-aged daughters. He and his family reside in Monmouth County.