• abcya
    Online games for kids in K-5 sorted by grade level. Games incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills.
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  • BookSource
    Book Source
    Click on your reading level for lots of great books! You can also type a book title into the search bar to find out its level under "levels A-Z"
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  • Funbrain
    Online books and reading games.
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  • books
    Just Books Read Aloud
    E-books: Someone to read to you!
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  • Mighty Book
    Mighty Book
    Online animated story books, classic songs, arts and music, games. Ages 4-8.
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  • OCL
    Ocean County Library
    Ocean County Library section for Kids Under 8: Read online and play games. Try out Tumblebooks!
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  • PBS Kids
    PBS Kids
    Online games, printable activities, and videos related to popular children's books and PBS kids' programs.
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  • BookWizard
    Scholastic Book Wizard
    Determine the reading levels of books (A-Z).
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  • PinkyDinkyDoo
    Pinky Dinky Doo
    Create a story!
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  • Starfall
    Starfall includes activities to teach letter recognition and letter sounds. Also, children can read stories at this web site and play fun interactive games.
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  • abcya
    Online games for kids in K-5 sorted by grade level. Games incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills.
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  • CoolMath4Kids
    Math lessons and games for students on a variety of skills. A great resource for parents as well.
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  • Funbrain
    Practice math skills while having fun!
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  • chimp
    Math Chimp
    Watch, Play, Practice-Common Core Math
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  • Math
    Math is Fun
    Practice math skills and strategies
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  • playground
    Math Playground
    Play math games by topic and grade level.
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  • nussbaum
    Mr. Nussbaum
    Practice math skills by grade level.
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  • multiply
    Memorize and learn the multiplication tables
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  • PBS
    PBS Kids
    Younger learners can practice important shape recognition, counting, measuring, sorting, size comparison and other basic math concepts.
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  • prodigy
    Play math games at your personal level.
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Other Useful Sites

  • clever
    Access all student sites with one login
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  • handbook
    Student Handbook
    Parent and Student Information Guide
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  • classroom
    Google Classroom
    View and submit assignments on classroom.
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  • kahoot
    Enter your game pin to join surveys, quizzes, and games.
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    PARCC Pearson Practice Tests
    PARCC Practice ELA and Math tests
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  • space
    Amazing Space
    Explore our universe.
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  • e-learning
    e-learning for kids
    Learn about various science topics
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  • NWF
    National Wildlife Federation
    Fun Activities and Animal Information.
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  • NASA
    NASA Kids Club
    Get the latest news from America's space agency.
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  • NatGeo
    National Geographic Kids
    Explore the world with National Geographic
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Computer Science

  • blockly
    Blockly Games
    Games for future programmers
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  • code
    Try Code Studio or the Hour of Code
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  • scratch
    Create stories, games, and animations Share with others around the world
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  • scratch jr
    Scratch Jr.
    Coding for young children.
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Social Studies 

  • 50states
    Quick access to a variety of state specific facts and other useful information
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  • Atlapedia
    Atlapedia® Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
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    The Official Kid's site of the U.S. Government
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  • map
    Interactive United States History Map
    Become a geography whiz as you learn how the United States was settled.
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Search Engines and Research Sites

Educational Games

  • Cookie
    Learning games for kids
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  • Digipuzzle
    Fun Educational Games for the young elementary student
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  • gamequarium
    Games, videos, and eBooks for all subjects
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  • build
    Build is a place for everyone to imagine, create and explore building with LEGO bricks online.
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  • LearningGames
    Learning Games for Kids
    Educational games that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more
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  • GameClassroom
    Game Classroom
    A great site for homework help
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