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To get started right away, just tap any placeholder text (such as this) and start typing to replace it with your own. The placeholder text found in this template provides tips on how to customize this template to your needs, as well as strategies for properly organizing and formatting you content. Want to format your text, insert a picture from your files or add a video, ordered list, or table? You got it! On the text editor ribbon, just tap the option you need. Find even more easy-to-use tools on the text editor menu, such as to add a hyperlink, or insert a horizontal line. 

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Even a single page of text will likely cover multiple topics. You can help your readers see those topics by making them into headings, as seen in this template. Each heading should be clear and informative. Clear headings help web readers in at least three ways:

  • First, they allow them to skim the page before reading, to see if they’re really interested.
  • Second, clear headings help a reader who is scanning the page for a particular topic.
  • And third, they help a reader find her place who has followed a link off your page and then returned.

Students from Citta Elementary School participated in an after-school pizza party sponsored by Esposito's during which they played math games with teachers, friends, and family members.

STEAM Night at Silver Bay


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On the web, because of the demands of the medium, readers are more likely to scan the page than to read every word. A good developer has to take that into consideration when organizing and formatting a new webpage. But that doesn’t mean reducing everything to bulleted lists of key phrases. Please utilize the strategies explored in this template to make your content scannable.

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Focus on one main topic per page.If what you have to say fits conveniently on one web page, this won’t be a problem. If you have more to say than you feel comfortable asking people to scroll through, try to break it into easily digestible pieces. Each section should cover one major topic, and each section can have its own web page.

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Each page, each major topic, also has to be clearly organized. Many people recommend that web writing follow the inverted pyramid model of organization commonly used in newspapers. In this model, you give the most important facts — the broad base of the pyramid — at the beginning of the article, and then provide supporting and background information as you go on. By the end of the article, the narrow tip of the pyramid, you’re providing information that will interest a few readers but is not vital to the story.

Silver Bay Elementary School hosted another successful STEAM night Jan. 23. In attendance were 471 people representing the school community, and 40 staff members volunteered. The school had 71 student tech ambassadors and the High School East Robotics team hosted demonstrations. The Boy Scouts and T.E.A.M students were also on hand to assist with the evening, which had a "maker strategy" theme.