Part of the school’s ’17 Days of Making a Difference’

Students in Mrs. Amber Hull’s LATIC (Learner-Activated, Technology-Infused Classrooms) English classes at High School South investigated the theme of intolerance and how to make others aware of acts of inequality or injustice. To accomplish their goals, students read texts that examined these themes from diverse perspectives, discussed these perspectives, and opened public dialogue about their topics.

During High School South’s celebration of “17 Days of Making a Difference,” Mrs. Hull’s students made their school and community aware of inequalities and intolerances in their world with the goal of (hopefully) reducing global acts of injustice.

Completed and planned student-led events include:

• A March 28 Google hangout with Nic Stone, author of the young adult novel Dear Martin

• A March 28 interview with Imam Maqsoud, the parent of a senior honors student at HSS

• Boys versus Girls basketball game April 12

• Tea party for young girls April 14

• Model of shelter for the homeless made from water bottles to take place in the HSS library April 9-19

• Publishing of children’s books

• Documentaries to be published via April 9-19

• An array of social media postings April 9-19

Google hangout

Up Close and Personal

A Google hangout with author Nic Stone was a highlight of student-led activities in Mrs. Amber Hull's English class. Stone's remarkable novel, Dear Martin, is a New York Times bestseller and a book that has captivated Hull's students this marking period. 
Imam Maqsoud

Before spring break, students conducted an interview with Imam Maqsoud, a HSS parent who often talks to young people about the Muslim religion and answers their questions and curiosities regarding the religion.