Toms River Regional Schools is a Cold Spring Harbor DNALC affiliated site, and the district is proud to offer a series of summer STEM Camps that are led by TRRS STEM instructors trained by Cold Spring Harbor scientists, and which follow the same curriculum as the Long Island-based camps.

Date & TimeCampPrerequisiteRegistration LinkTuition before June 1, +$25 after
June 24-27, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Fun with DNA
Entering grade 6 or 7
June 24-27, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Entering grades 11-12 or grade 10 DNA Barcoding Alumni
July 8-11, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
World of Enzymes
Entering grade 8 - 9 or Fun With DNA or Intro to Biotech alumni entering grade 7
July 8-11, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Genome Science
Entering grades 11-12 or grade 10 who have completed Biology
July 22-25, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
DNA Barcoding
Entering grades 11-12 or grade 10 who have completed Biology


 * Only Biocoding: Any TRRS student’s tuition will be fully funded by a grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in 2019 as part of TR:TechReady.

TR STEM Workshops Descriptions Grades 6-12

Fun with DNA (entering grade 6, 7, or 8) immerses students in activities and experiments designed to build a strong foundation in biology. Through model-making, microscope observations, and laboratories—including DNA extraction and genetic engineering—participants build an understanding of cell biology, microbiology, genetics, and biotechnology.

BioCoding (DNA Science alumni entering grade 11 - 12 or grade 10 DNA Barcoding Alumni) is an introductory course in bioinformatics and computer programming (coding) for students with little or no programming experience. Participants will learn the basics of working with Linux (Ubuntu), and are introduced to the Perl scripting language. Skills learned will be used to complete simple bioinformatics projects that utilize DNA sequence data generated from a hands-on lab experiment.

World of Enzymes (entering grade 8,9 or Intro to Biotech/Fun with DNA alumni entering grade 7) builds on concepts learned in Intro to Biotech/Fun with DNA. Students explore the use of enzymes in the food and health industries and are introduced to sophisticated DNA analysis by gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Genome Science (entering grade 11 -12 or grade 10 DNA Barcoding Alumni) integrates biochemical and computer methods used to analyze the genetic component of living things. Implementing a collection of genomic analysis techniques, participants will be introduced to modern genomic analysis. Lab work will include: using PCR to identify DNA variation in humans while studying human origins and the genetic basis for differences in taste, experiments in plants to detect genetically modified organisms and explore epigenetics, and online bioinformatics tools to map genes.

DNA Barcoding (entering grades 11-12 (or entering grade 10 who has completed Biology) is a project-based camp where students use extract & amplify DNA from tissue samples & do DNA DNA barcoding to study biodiversity or food fraud.

Application Deadline and Cancellation/Changes

Application deadline is May 31, 2019. However, the district will continue to accept applications if there are openings.

Changes or cancellations must be completed more than three weeks prior to camp start date. Changes, such as switching weeks or camp type, can be made by email to All cancellation requests for paid applications must be in writing (email is accepted) and signed by parent or guardian. To be eligible for a refund, cancellation requests must be received by the TR STEM Camps a minimum of four weeks prior to the session start date, with no exceptions. Confirmation of cancellation will be provided. After June 1, a $75 administrative fee will be deducted from each refund.

It is understood that no credit will be given for absences or withdrawals.

TR STEM Camps reserves the right to cancel any session due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstance. For the general welfare of all campers, TR STEM Camps reserves the unrestricted right to dismiss any camper whose conduct or influence, in the opinion of the Director, is detrimental to the best interests of the camp.

TR STEM Camps is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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