TRTechReady Toms River Regional Schools and the Office of Naval Research

In spring 2018, Toms River Regional Schools was awarded the largest competitive grant in district history—a three-year coding project for high school students worth more than $763 million, federally funded by the Office of Naval Research. We’ve dubbed it TR:TechReady.


TR:TechReady in the News

  • Hull gaming
    Students Take Gaming to a New Level
    Coding and computer programming across content areas is supported by the district's TR:TechReady program.
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  • CSTA presentation
    TR:TechReady Team Presents to CSTA
    The hugely successful Summer Coding Camp prompted an invitation from the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) to share the program with its members at its Oct. 3 meeting.
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  • SCCkids
    Summer Coding Camp 2018
    The TR:TechReady program kicked off with a Summer Coding Camp at High School North.
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  • APP
    Asbury Park Press
    Asbury Park Press education reporter Amanda Oglesby produced an extended feature on district robotics and tech programs through the lens of TR:TechReady.
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  • TR Patch
    Toms River Patch
    Toms River Patch reporter Karen Wall highlighted the Office of Naval Research-funded program.
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  • techteam
    Press release announcement
    How did we get a grant of over three quarters of a million dollars? Why focus on coding? Read our press release about the grant.
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  • NJDOE Broadcast
    NJDOE Broadcast
    The New Jersey Department of Education's weekly broadcast highlighted TR:TechReady in late May 2018. 
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