N.J. Agricultural Station (Rutgers)

East Dover Elementary School has established a partnership with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station(Rutgers). This partnership is extremely vital to the success of our Model Classroom. Their expertise will provide our staff and students with the necessary education for the development of our Master Garden program.   The NJES Ocean County location has numerous programs that provide speakers to come to our Model Classroom. Master Gardener Georgina Price and Noreen Baris are providing our students with hands on information and resources to use as we prepare for planting in the spring.

Where does your candy come from?


Student learned many things about the candy they eat with this fun assembly from the N.J. Agricultural Experiment Station (Rutgers).

Rutgers Master Garden Program

Introduction to vermicomposting. We had an assembly to explain composting and what happens to soil.  We had a demonstration of how to start a worm bin. 

Where does your candy come from?  Students learned the importance of plants.  Children will track one or more ingredients in a piece of candy to its agriculture source.

Native American "3 Sister Plants"- Corn, Beans, Squash

Parts of a Seed/Parts of a Plant

Indoor Growing Lab

Indoor Planting Begins

K -1 will grow flowers

2-3 will grow herbs

4-5 will grow vegetables

Transition Plants to outdoor Greenhouse

Planting to outdoor beds

Hydroponics at East Dover (2017 - 2018)

Georgina Price and Noreen Baris planted our "Sister Plants"

sister plants

Corns, Beans, and Squash

The Parts of a Plant

Roots, Stems,Leaves

Getting Ready to Plant

Kindergarten and First Grade students begin to plant

Kindergarten planted marigold seeds                   First Graders planted zinnia seeds

Students Watering our Flowers

Garden Mural