HS East Clubs

Raider Student Activities Director: Mr. Richard Dispoto
For any activities program to be successful, it must be coordinated and given direction so that all activity groups have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals. The Director of Student Activities will assist the Administration in this task by working with students and their various advisors.

Student Activity Program Philosophy
*The function of the school is to encourage a love of learning and a desire or high standards in all areas. To accomplish this, the school must provide educational experiences including a school activities program.

*The purpose served by school activities is not separate from the purpose of secondary education, but an important avenue used in fulfilling objectives not met by regular classroom instruction.

*Each student is different in terms of abilities, interests and goals. Therefore t is the responsibility of the school to provide a variety of activities for its students.

*Students should participate in activities and benefit from a broad spectrum of experiences that contribute to the development and self-realization, human relationships and civic responsibility. Activities should be designed to meet leisure, recreational, social and emotional interests of the students and provide the opportunity for individual, small group and entire school participation.

Procedures for the Approval of Extra Curricular Activities and Fund Raising Events
The Director of Student Activities will maintain a master calendar for all school sales and activities. Any group who wishes to either raise funds or plan an extra curricular activity must obtain approval for the administration by submitting an application to the Director of Student Activities. With notification of approval, a list of procedures will be given explaining what steps must be taken to effectuate your proposed activity. No extra curricular or fund raising activity is to be scheduled or planned without prior approval. Any group found running an extra-curricular activity or fund raiser without prior approval will be liable to have all future activities prohibited and fund raisers canceled. Mr. Dispoto will meet with student officers, advisors and coaches to explain procedures and inform of new policies as necessary.

Student Activity Office
Students should be aware of the Student Activity Office, W16. This room is used for meetings, filing and storage for student activities.



Computer Science Club

Mrs. Signorelli

East Ambassadors

Mrs. Kenney


Mrs. Juwoto**

Fishing Club

Mr. Koscinski

French Club NHS


History Club

Mr. Cohen

Junior Statesman Association

Mr. Burke

Math League

Ms. Eagan


Ms. Patterson


Mr. Coppinger

SEA(Environmental Club)

Mrs. Mason

Spanish Club

Mrs. Muscillo

Spanish NHS

Mrs. Mika

Ski Club

Mrs. Morrissey and Mr. Ciccalese

Academic Challenge

Mr. Tierney

Bible Club

Mrs. Angilletta

Big Brother/Big Sister

Mr. Peck

Book Club

Mrs. Ferraro

Fitness Club

Ms. Okuniewicz and Mr. Nichol

German NHS/Club

Mr. Tourjee

Green Team

Mrs. Mason

GSA Gay Straight Alliance

Mr. Malagiere and Mr. Tierney

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

Mrs. Drackwicz

Living History Club

Mr. Sciarappa

Medical Club

Mrs. Applegate


Mr. Kanarkowski


Mrs. Aulisi and Mrs. Maselli

Strategy Club

Mr. Tierney

Asian Heritage Club

Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Schilling