HS East Health Office

Mrs. Samantha Hvidding, R.N.
Michele Carter, R.N.

The link for the on-line training for diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, and blood borne pathogens is: http://www.trschools.com/staffresources/health_training.asp

Sports Physicals
Requirements, Dates and Forms

In order to participate in an interscholastic sport, a student must be properly registered with the coach and then pass the physical examination given by the school doctor. No student will be examined for a sport without first presenting a completed medical questionnaire at the time of the physical

Emergency Care
The school nurses are available to only administer first aid in the event of illness or accident, which may occur during school hours on school property. After first aid, which includes ONLY the first treatment, the legal responsibility for medical care rests with the parents.

Early Dismissal
No student may leave school due to illness or injury unless he/she is picked up and signed out in the Health Office by a parent/guardian, or person otherwise designated by the parent/guardian following parental telephone contact. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY AN ILL OR INJURED STUDENT DRIVE HIMSELF/HERSELF HOME FROM SCHOOL.

The Health Office will be open during regular school hours for students who are ill or injured.

Mandated Health Services
All high school students will have their height and weight checked and be screened for Scoliosis. NINTH GRADE students will be screened for vision problems and be examined by the school physician, assisted by the school nurse. TENTH GRADE students will be screened for hearing problems. ELEVENTH GRADE students will have their blood pressure monitored. TWELFTH GRADE students will be examined by the school physician, assisted by the school nurse.

Working Papers:
Students requiring working papers during the school year and students enrolling in the county Vocational School program, will be examined by the school physician, assisted by the school nurse, during school hours and also at the periodic sports physicals given during the year.

All students will comply with New Jersey State immunization requirements or they will be excluded from school. Immunization records are kept on file in the Health Office for each student. Parents/guardians are notified of any deficiencies or required boosters.
All new or re-entry students are seen by the school nurses to determine the student’s immunization status and freedom from apparent contagious conditions.

To the paren/guardian: Our school health program is designed to improve, protect and promote the health of your child. Your child will be involved in this program unless you notify the Health Office in writing of your choice of non-participation and the reasons therefor.

Pysical Education Exemption
Short term (3 days or less) excuses from participation in gym in writing from the parent/guardian are handled directly by the physical education teacher, not in the Health Office. Physical education excuses of an extended nature must be authorized in writing by the student’s doctor, indicating the reason and the length of time the student is to be excused from his/her physical education class. The note from the doctor must be presented to the school nurse, not to the student’s physical education teacher. The student is responsible for returning to his/her physical education class when the medical excuse expires, as well as, attending his/her scheduled health class.

Visitation: No one will be admitted to the Health Office without a hall pass, except in the case of medical emergency.