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A warm welcome is extended to all students, staff, and visitors. The Media Center is open weekdays from 6:30 am to 2:25 pm. Our Media Center has a diverse collection of over 30,000 books, 1300 videotapes and DVDs, as well as magazine subscriptions. We also have 65 computers that provide access to the internet, online card catalogs, and online subscription databases. Before and after school, students do not need a pass to utilize the Media Center. From a class, study hall or cafeteria, students must get a pass from the teacher. Students must sign in on the appropriate clipboard and leave their pass in the box. Study hall and lunch students must stay for the remainder of the period.

Summer Assignments

 Toms River High School East Media Center
1225 Raider Way
Toms River, NJ 08753

Media Specialist
Diane Harz

Media Secretary
Marianne Steinhart

Media Center Information

Circulation Policy

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There are numerous online resources available to students for their research needs. The Media Center subscribes to several online databases which may be accessed with required usernames and passwords available from the Media Center staff. Some online subscription databases are accessible from home as well. There are also several websites listed to help students in the areas of career, citation, reference, research, and SAT preparation.


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