HS East Raider Readout

The Raider Readout 2013-2014 Staff

Advisor: Mrs. Casey Daniel

The Raider Readout is the school newspaper. It is published every month to bring news, information, event dates, articles, and Senior of the Month winners. The Raider Readout each month has many different articles for your enjoyment. 

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Staff Responsibilities

The editor in chief(s) is the spokesperson for the staff. He or she will be in close contact with the adviser, making sure that everything that needs to be in the paper is covered. This person can be counted on to seek out new stories that may not be widely publicized in the school. Many times people and activities that do positive things for the school are overlooked because they are not “high profile”. The editor-in-chief will delegate responsibilities and assign stories in staff meetings on story assignment days. Of course everyone on the staff has a say, but the editor in chief will make the final decisions. He or she must understand that the position is not a dictatorship and be able to lead without being oppressive.  The editor in chief will proofread and edit all articles before they reach the adviser. Lastly, the editor in chief will be the first person to help the layout editor of the paper. This person should be extremely responsible, organized, creative and able to work well with others. 

The co-editor in chief(s) is also a spokesperson for the staff. He or she will work in close contact with the adviser, making sure that everything that needs to be covered is covered. He/she will step in whenever the editor-in-chief is absent or over-whelmed with other articles and responsibilities. The co-editor-in-chief will also help to delegate responsibilities and help assign stories during meetings on assignment days. He/she will proofread and edit articles and will assist in the layout of the newspaper. They should be extremely responsible, creative, organized and able to work well with others. 

Sports Editor:
The sports editor’s job is very much like the news editor. He or she will work to make sure that all sports are covered, assign sports stories with the help of the editor in chief, and check on the progress of the reporters daily. The sports editor will have to make sure that all aspects of the sport are covered; coach(s), captains, teams, new members, records, and anything else that is important to the team. In addition, the sports editor should always know what sports are in what season and have an up-dated copy of each team’s schedule, record and roster. 

Layout Editor:
This position is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. The look of the paper depends on the layout editor! The layout editor will write up a layout, incorporating, all articles pictures, advertisement boxes, page numbers, etc. They will double check it with the adviser and editor in chief(s) and begin working on the layout immediately after the story meetings. He or she should work on the layout every day in class. Starting with the masthead, page numbers, and organizing where stories are to be placed. The adviser and editor-in-chief will work closely with the layout editor, but the main responsibility will fall on the layout editor. 

News Editor:
The news editor will have the responsibility of making sure that all news stories, covered in the “EAST NEWS” section are in every edition of the paper. In order to do this, he or she will work closely with the editor in chief. Although the editor in chief has final say on all story assignments, often he or she will delegate the responsibility of assigning news stories to the news editor. The news editor will be required to check on the progress of the stories daily. If there is a problem (i.e. a reporter not covering a story or missing a deadline) he or she will inform the editor in chief, who will then inform me. This system of checks and balances is very important in order for the paper to function. The news editor will proofread all news stories before they are handed to the editor in chief, and then finally to the adviser. 

*Photography: Staff Responsibility

 Advisor: Mrs. Casey Daniel

Newspaper Room: W-33