Grade Information and Suggestions

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Important Guidance Forms at Bottom of Page


During the spring of each year, students select their courses for the following year. Any change during the regular academic year is initiated through completion of the "Schedule Change Form" available in the guidance office. Schedule changes, other than track change, are discouraged due to the considerable time spent on the scheduling process and the negative impact to class size.

Student Grades
Student Grades Final grades are a culmination of a full year's work - four quarters with an exam each quarter. The best possible education Toms River High School North can give is being offered to you. Only YOU can make the most of it depending upon the effort you make each and every day.  

Forms are available in the guidance office to request that your transcript be forwarded to another school, agency or organization. Since permission is required, transcripts will not be released without proper written authorization. Please allow at least five (5) working days to process a transcript.

Working Papers
Working papers are obtained through the guidance staff in the guidance office form 7:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Students must present "Promise of Employment" paper, birth certificate, and physical exam by school or private physician.

Suggested Study Habits
Set up a place to study that is as free from distractions as possible. Be sure to have decent lighting and cut back on noise, phone calls and other interruptions. Establish a study schedule or routine. Organize your time; decide what tasks need to be done; don’t put it off, do more difficult subjects first; take a short break if you get tired. Plan ahead to study for exams and to complete long-term assignments. Do not leave things for the last minute. Not all homework takes the form of a written assignment. Reading, studying, and reviewing are also homework. If you do not understand an assignment, ask your teacher beforehand. Make every effort to complete each assignment to the best of your ability. There should be no off nights during the week for homework. The four years of high school are critical learning years. Do not accept the statement, "I have no homework". Attend extra help sessions if you are experiencing difficulty with a subject.

Suggested Parent Involvement
It is easy to assume that high school students are responsible enough to complete written assignments and study when necessary, however classroom experience shows that this assumption simply is not true. Parents should check written assignments for completion and have a clear understanding of the sequence of study assignments. Whenever possible, sign written homework or sign you child's assignment pad. This sounds like a very small effort, but it shows interest, knowledge and awareness. Written homework should be legible, neat well organized and show a logical sequence. Whenever possible, parents should check to see that there is a date, a labeling of the exercise, page number and a name on the paper. This enables the student to see and understand the work more easily and is a tremendous aid to study. If notebooks or written assignments are sloppy or disorganized, the parent should have the student do them over. This may be difficult at first, but after a few times the student will become more careful and attentive to his/her work. You -- and the student -- should take pride in everything that is accomplished. Most importantly, encourage and expect the best from your child. The best is not necessarily the same for each student but expecting anything less than personal best limits the greater potential that each child can achieve. Lend support and encouragement to this end.