• Student Spotlight

    The Student Spotlight is on Fong for having the grit to become the best in all areas of his life.
  • Student Spotlight

    Sophomore Jada Williams is having a spectacular year at Toms River North. Jada, a bona fide 800 meters runner, won her heat in the 400 meter dash at yesterday's tri-meet.
  • Papermill Playhouse’s Rising Star

    Congratulations to sophomore Yna Tresvalles for her honorable mention for Best Supporting Actress as "Ava" in HS North's musical, Bring It On! This is the first ever student award from Papermill Playhouse’s Rising Star Awards for High School North.
  • Mariner spirit of dedication.......Go Mary Kate!

    Mary Kate Diller has been named a "Rising Star" at Toms River North. Through sheer tenacity of will, determination and persistence, she will be graduating in June with a certification in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) from the Ocean County Vocational school. After studying two years in Automotive Technology, she thought she would give HVAC-R a try and soon learned that she enjoyed the work and will embark on a new career. You may have seen Mary Kate's work in the Halloween Parade where she designed and built one of the floats. Mary Kate's commitment to her studies is an example of the Mariner spirit of dedication towards self-improvement.
  • Perfect Scores

    Congratulations to the cast and crew of Toms River North's musical production of "Bring It On" who received 51 nominations and 11 perfect scores from Papermill Playhouse's Rising Star Awards! The director, Ms. Carolyn Little, would like to thank everyone who came out to see the show.
  • Julia Fairfax is a rising star!

    This week Toms River North puts the spotlight on junior Julia Fairfax. Julia is a dedicated student with many ambitions. She is in the top ten in her class and a member of the Big Brother and Sisters program. Julia is also the vice-president of the Key Club. In her spare time, Julia enjoys horseback riding and helping others. She will be attending an engineering camp with the hopes of being accepted to the prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Keep an eye on Julia, she is a rising star!
  • Everything with a Smile!

    John Green is a sophomore at North who is a high honor roll student in the honors program. John is also the treasurer of the Interact club, and involved with T.E.A.M, Captain's Crew, History Club and the Roots and Shoots Club. Athletically, John is a Varsity member of the Mariner Ice Hockey team and plays travel hockey with the T.R. Blackhawks. He also volunteers with the High School North Youth Challenge Program where he assists students with special needs during athletic competitions. Most importantly, he accomplishes everything with a smile!
  • West is the Best

    Junior Jared West wasted no time learning about computers and how they can be used to make our lives better. He has been passionate about the possibilities for the past 14 years! Jared currently builds websites, creates software and is working on hardware to build a foundation to help. His dream is to develop a special phone for the citizens of Haiti that can be used in any type of emergency. Jared is one of our top academic students and embodies the Mariner spirit of excellence.
  • "Alfo"

    Johnnie Webb aka "Alfo" is an aspiring hip-hop/progressive era musical artist. He is in the process of recording and producing a mixtape about how his life experiences affect him. Johnnie would like to bring back the "real meaning" of hip-hop using catchy hooks and dedicated verses.
  • Rising Stars

    Aaliyah Ridley and Keyara Morris are TRN rising stars as they embark on an exciting career as Medical Assistants. This program emphasizes physician assisting skills. It is divided into two years – an administrative year and a clinical year. A student may begin the program at the beginning of either year. The curriculum covers medical terminology and abbreviations, medical law and ethics, insurance billing and coding, medical history taking, computerized scheduling, in-depth computerized software (Medisoft), infection control, vital signs, electrocardiograms, laboratory procedures including urinalysis, Strep tests, capillary sticks, and venipuncture techniques. Students will learn to assist the physician with special procedures and minor surgery. Proper communication skills and professionalism will be emphasized. Students may pursue their certification as a medical assistant or medical administration; or continue studies for radiology technician, licensed practical or registered nurse, health information technologist, billing and coding specialist and other healthcare careers. Recommended Skills: Keyboarding skills are strongly recommended.
  • Joe Flynn

    It's Flynn for the Win! Last night the Mariner wrestling team defeated Jackson Liberty in the Pine Belt Arena. Pictured is Coach Josh Huber, grappler Joe Flynn along with manager Danielle Cicala on hand to give enthusiastic support, cheering us on to victory. Joe is training very hard everyday after school and will soon showcase his talents on the mat very soon. After joining the wresting team, Joe's grades went up in every subject and he is now carrying a B+ average at mid year. Joe Flynn is our Student/Athlete of the week and a rising star! Stay tuned to the TRN web page for updates.
  • Tim Cassidy

    Senior Tim Cassidy is a rising star in Ms. Palumbo's English class. Tim has shown marked improvement the second quarter with higher grades and good attendance. Tim recently completed the English quarterly and although it has not yet been graded, Ms. Palumbo observed Tim writing furiously and expects that he will undoubtedly receive another high mark. Keep up the momentum Tim, you are a rising star!