Welcome to the Toms River High School South webpage.  This resource will assist students, parents, and visitors as you navigate the varied offerings we have at the Home of the Indians.  Please use this site frequently to remain informed of our curriculum, daily announcements, scholarship information, athletic events, and club / activity information.

Toms River High School South, established in 1891, is the oldest of the three regional high schools.   It is a comprehensive, 4-year public high school with programs available in college preparatory, career and technology, and vocational education.  2017 marks our first year with our newly developed School of Business.  The student population includes residents of Toms River, and the neighboring communities of Beachwood, Pine Beach, and South Toms River.  The student enrollment of approximately 1,400 is evenly distributed among grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  The staff consists of 4 administrators, 7 supervisors, 1 guidance coordinator, five guidance counselors, 115 teachers, 2 nurses, 1 librarian, 1 attendance officer, and sufficient secretarial personnel for each department.  Even though the districts actual per pupil cost is less than the state average and our total administrative costs are less, we are able to provide a comprehensive program to meet the varying needs of our diverse population.

The uniqueness of Toms River High School South is rooted in its history and the diversity of its student population.  Unlike our two sister schools, South's 1400 students come from four different communities, and unite to achieve our goal of providing the best educational experience for each student.  The students bring with them cultural, social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds which are diverse and representative of this full socio-economic spectrum.  Because of the talent of the staff and the richness of the curriculum, South is able to continue to meet the individual needs of the students as they prepare for college and careers.

The 2017-2018 school year is dedicated to celebrating our academic excellence.  New Jersey Monthly has recognized High School South for improving 62 places in the top public high schools in NJ for 2016.    I am proud to report that High School South’s SAT scores continue to show improvement.  Our ACT scores have shown growth in English, Reading, Science, and our composite score.  South’s PARCC scores have shown tremendous growth over the past three years and we are proud to announce that our NJBCT scores have shown a 14.3% increase from the past year.  Our students and teachers have worked hard and have passed state and national averages!  At the same time we have reduced our suspension rates, had fewer absences, and fewer students dropping out of school.  This great news occurs when we work together for common goals that have a positive influence upon our students and school climate.  Thank you for your dedication to academic excellence!

The longstanding traditions of pride and spirit at South are important, and I look forward celebrating these traditions with our school community as we also celebrate many academic successes during this year.

James Ricotta, Jr.