Use the form linked below to request a space or time at the Saturday, October 15, 2016 Second Annual Jersey Shore Makerfest. Makerfest is not a trade show or exhibit hall. This event is about MAKING! Every participant is expected to offer an interactive activity for guests to engage in. Please read our vision statement and goals before applying to make sure your activity and outlook align with the expectations for this event.

How can I participate?

Over 100 amazing makers and 4000 attendees filled the arena at the first JSMF on October 17, 2015! We anticipate even more requests with bigger and better ideas this year. Space is limited, so please register soon. Consider which of the following opportunities works best for you:

  • MakerBooths

    Table set ups that at first blush look like vendor spaces, but instead, in representing what your organization does, provide all-day hands on experiences that draw people to your mission. You are welcome to provide literature and sell your product(s)*, but the primary goal here is interactivity and engagement-- and what better way to get people to know you?

  • MakerSpace

    A fully immersive, open ended, open source, collaborative and individualistic creative space. Each table will encourage exploration of multiple materials. Choose this if you would like to oversee a particular resource (ex. circuits, textiles).

  • LearningSpaces

    Classroom settings for small group (20-30) instruction on a particular skill (ex. soldering, coding) in durations of 30-50 minutes each.

  • ActionSpaces

    Interactive demos that need a more open venue in slots of 30-60 minutes. Past examples: drones, electric cars, blacksmithing.

  • EdTalks

    Like the famous YouTube clips they rhyme with, EdTalks are inspirational, motivational, and concise (20 minutes tops).

*We do not charge for booths or extract percentages of sales, but ask sellers to donate an item with a value of $20 or more to our makerspaces.