Makerfest is an experimental, experiential, educational, and now annual community event; a celebration of creativity and imagination that is part garage workshop, part science lab, part county fair, and part art exhibition. At its core is the maker movement and makerspace concept, in which attendees are not just witnesses to making, but experience it in an interactive open air environment, in a spirit of sharing and collaboration, at their own speed and in their own style.

We invite kids of all ages, families, educators, and community members to join us in a day of sharing, learning and fun to find out how we are all makers.

Based on a successful first year experience, we have expanded our


Our vision is to create a diverse and inclusive community whose members see themselves as creators, collaborators, innovators and makers.

Our 2016 goals are to:
  • Provide a variety of hands-on, authentic and enjoyable activities that engage people of all backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities and age levels.
  • Gain new understandings to improve teaching, learning, and citizenship in a global community.
  • Articulate and experience the connections among diverse disciplines-- including science, technology, engineering, art, math, literacy, and civic involvement--to make learning and living more integrated and less fragmented.
  • Promote sustainable practices that foster awareness of our planet’s resources and the environment.
  • Model the maker mindset to help communities create their own maker events and makerspaces that we can all benefit from.