S.T.E.A.M. ~ What does that mean? The "S" stands for science, "T" is technology, "E" is engineering, "A" is arts, and the "M" is math.  Our desire is to unite these disciplines so that they are not seen as independent subject areas but as a cohesive foundation to support creativity. We plan on creating areas for students to work collaboratively to delve into projects that empower them to engineer and create models to solve problems. As students engage in the engineering process where they ask, imagine, plan, create and improve their designs we hope to see a transformation in their way of thinking and questioning what is possible.  Opening the doors of exploration will build our future leaders and contributors. 

Grunin Grant

 As a result of the generous grant awarded Silver Bay from the Grunin Foundation we will be streaming S.T.E.A.M. throughout our school. We acquired robotics, Ipads, laptops and a variety of materials that will engage all our students at any level. With these new tools we will continue to empower our students to be critical thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers through a process based outlet that incorporates; science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  Unique, creative learning experiences that ignite imaginations and build concrete knowledge will be steaming up our school. Our mission is to cultivate our future innovators. 

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Building New Designs


Makey Makey Time