Guidance Resource Web Page

Guidance Resource Web Page

 Guidance Resource Web Page

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"Nowhere to turn? These websites will link you to valuable resources addressing areas of concern such as tobacco dependence, divorce, counseling resources, welfare, help lines, grandparents as caregivers and a multitude of other subjects."
The one-stop resource for those touched by adoption
Service for parents: NJparent link
How to tell your child you are divorcing

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 GRIEF  Building  Self -Esteem Solving problems between siblings


Calming Tools and techniques for children Kid's Health


How to get your child to listen (games)


Parent's self help Test Anxiety

More on helping your child's self esteem

Children coping with divorce Solving problems between siblings
Help for Grandparents Dealing with Tantrums Raising Happy Children
New baby sibling Easing the transition- becoming a new brother or sister. Need to find words of encouragement...try this link
The perfect morning routine School Tips for Parents Homework charts and calendars
Tips to teach Social skills Reduce-Back-to-School-Anxiety-for-Young-Children Tips for Bullied Kids
 National Institute of Mental Health Stress relief for Adults Relieving anxiety
Worrying kids

     When is it necessary to notify the school or guidance counselor?
Information about what a guidance counselor does is delineated below.



Roles and Responsibilities of the Guidance Counselor

Individual Counseling

    Parents and teachers may refer a child for individual counseling. Some students are seen on a regular basis, others only once or twice depending on student need and availability of counselor time. Permission slips are required for all counseling services and can be obtained in the front office or the guidance office.

 Group Counseling

    Small groups are initiated to help children feel supported and to develop specific skills. They usually meet in groups of four to eight students, weekly for a half hour and may last from 5 weeks to 10 weeks. Examples include friendship groups to help children build social skills; anger management groups to help students learn how to deal with anger; self-esteem groups to help children feel positive about themselves; and loss groups to help children cope with the death of a loved one.   Groups offered this year will appear in this section.


The Children's Inter Agency Coordinating Council

The Children's Inter Agency Coordinating Council (CIACC) is group of people from Behavioral Health, Child Protective Services and Education meeting once a month to promote, develop and enhance collaborative efforts to improve the well being of children in Ocean County.
                                                                                           CIACC brochure 6/5/09

Ocean County Personnel and Guidance Association 

The Counselor is a member of Ocean county Personnel and Guidance Association (OCPGA) and serves as an executive board member.





Classroom Guidance

    The counselor visits every classroom at least once during the school year to facilitate a lesson on an appropriate topic. Topics include feelings, friendships, and decision making. Teachers may request additional lessons as needed.


Parent Contact

    The counselor collaborates with parents to address the needs of students. A parent may contact the counselor by email to schedule a time to discuss his or her child or to inquire about counseling services.    Please feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  I will be at North Dover every Tuesday.



I will be at North Dover every Monday andTuesday.




Health Teacher

    The counselor teaches health to first grade classes throughout the year.  Topics include safety, nutrition, dental health and manners and cooperation.

I & RS Committee Coordinator

     The counselor coordinates meetings for the Intervention and Referral Services Committee.


Resources Available in the Hooper Ave. Guidance Office

    Books and educational CD-roms are available to be checked out from the guidance office. If you would like to "borrow" a book or CD-rom, contact the guidance counselor via email.  (See actual titles below)


(If any of these books appeal to you and you would like to own them check out Barnes and or

 1.     How to Handle a Hard to Handle Kid:  A parent's guide to understanding and changing problem behaviors
(Clinical psychologist and parent, C. Drew Edwards gives you tips, skills and information you need to identify, address and correct problem behaviors.  You'll learn specific strategies for handling every day problems - from morning madness to meal time struggles, public outbursts, homework wars and more.)

2.   Dealing with Disappointment: Helping Kids Cope When Things Don't Go Their Way by Elizabeth Crary  (This book offers tools and techniques to help children cope from toddlers through adolescence.)

3.  SOS Help For Parents:  A Practical Guide for Handling Common Everyday Behavioral Problems by Lynn Clark PhD.  ( SOS teaches you easy to learn methods for helping your children to improve their behavior and adjustment.)

4.  How to Help Your Child With Homework:  Every Caring Parent's Guide to Encouraging Good Study Habits and Ending the Homework Wars by M.C.Radencich PhD.  and J.S. Schumm PhD.

5.  Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up: How to Stop the Daily Battles With Your Child by Carolyn Crowder PhD.

6.  Our Dad Died: The True Story of Three Kids Whose Lives Changed  by Amy, Allie, and David Dennison ( This is  journal about what happened to the three children as told by them.)

7 Get Organized Without Losing It by Janet S. Fox You'll learn the secret to getting ready for school each day. This book includes useful tips to help put your stuff in order, manage your time, deal with distractions and more.

8.When Dinosaurs Die (a picture book that helps kids understand death)

9. What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? (question and answer book, especially good for those with specific questions)

10.When Families Grieve- a creation of Sesame workshop- includes a DVD, caregivers guide and children's story (for young children)

11.You Are Not Alone:  Teens Talk about life after the loss of a a parent - by Lynn Hughes the founder and diresctor of the nonprofit COMFORT ZONE CAMP which serves young people ages 7-17 year round.


    Pamphlets                            Videos (see me)
        available to take home





The following items are available to be checked out and returned in a timely manner:

On CD-ROM (all include games and activities for kids):

Lesson Plans for teachers

Many of these lessons can be adapted for different grade levels. They all have very easy lesson plans to follow. Keep in mind that they are all great for health lessons!



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Attention Parents: Personalize Currency for household chores! Use these "Dad dollars" or "Mom Dollars" to reward your children for their chores or to motivate them. Children can use them to purchase rewards such as a movie night, sleepover, extra dessert, etc Click below for the website.

.Personalized money




 Please feel free to get lost in these informative and fun sites. I am sure you will find tons of information and useful ideas to use at home.
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