Intermediate Summer Reading Assignments

Elementary Summer Reading

Please join us in kicking off our 2017 Summer Reading Program! Our district wide summer reading initiative is meant to foster a growing love for reading as well as support continued growth for all students during the summer months. Engaging in reading during summer months has many benefits; while they are too numerous to list, we’ve identified several key facts:

  1. Research shows that children who engage in reading during summer months show sustained growth and even improvement in their reading ability; those who do not often slide backward
  2. Students who participate in a summer reading program maintain a more positive attitude towards reading, gain confidence, and are better prepared to tackle the demands of the next grade level:
  3. Continued practice in reading can reduce the need for teachers to reteach skills & strategies at each grade level, allowing teachers to focus instruction on higher level critical thinking skills

The best part is—reading can be done anywhere! Whether in a car, on a plane, at the pool, or at the beach, there are so many opportunities to check into a good book. Reading aloud to children has tremendous educational benefits and can be a source of much enjoyment for families. Summer is a great time to read with your children! Also available on our website are interactive literacy calendars with some suggested activities for students and families to try out at their leisure.

We encourage you to make reading a family event this summer!