Toms River Regional Schools: Share the Vision!

Microsoft Office for Home Use

Through our licensing agreement with Microsoft, employees can purchase Microsoft Office for home use. Microsoft no longer offers Office 2010 for purchase. Currently, they offer their newest version, Office 2013. If you are interested in purchasing this version of Office, please review the information on what's new here.

If you determine that you would be interested in the purchase, please contact Len Niebo at  A valid email address is required for participation.

Tools for Teachers

Parent Portal

Genesis Teachers' Gradebook Function
The Genesis gradebook function will be fully operational for all teachers, grades 6-12, starting September, 2013. If you have questions in regards to information, please contact the Guidance Coordinator of your child's school.

Using the Parent Portal
Get directions on how to use the Toms River Parent Portal, including logging in, reviewing attendance, viewing progress reports and report cards, and more.

If you are interested in access to the parent portal, please register in person at your child's school.  Along with completing the necessary form (see below to print the form prior to visiting the school), you will be required to provide a photo ID.  You must be the legal parent/guardian of the child for whom you would like access. 

Parent Portal Registration Form

Make the most of technology and increase your productivity! These tutorials and guidebooks offer step-by-step instructions for many helpful applications.

Technology Policies

The spread of technology in the educational world brings new responsibilities to both students and staff. Technology policies have been outlined below to ensure an appropriate, ethical atmosphere for both teaching and learning.