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eBoard Basics

What is an eBoard?
An eBoard is a web site that is extremely simple to update.

How can an eBoard make my life easier?
An eBoard allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your students and their parents. It allows you to post class announcements, calendar events, homework assignments, and more on the web so that they are easily accessible by everybody.

How do I get started?
To get a new eBoard account, e-mail Linda Sorrentino at

How do I access my eBoard?
There are two ways to access your eBoard:

  • Go to the district home page > Directory > eBoard Search and enter an eBoard name.
  • Visit (Be sure to replace "eboardname" with the actual name of your eBoard.)

How do I add a note?

  1. Go to "post/edit mode" and you will be asked to enter your admin password
  2. Click "add a note"
  3. Give note a title and enter text into box
  4. Check spelling
  5. Change colors, font, etc., if desired
  6. Click submit

How do I edit a note?

  1. Be sure you are in Post/Edit Mode
  2. Click on "edit" on the note you want to change
  3. Be sure to submit when done

How do I name the cork board tab?

  1. While in Post/Edit mode, "go to control panel"
  2. Click on Tabs; select the tab and rename it in the box to the right
  3. In the control panel, you can add additional tabs (cork boards), change your admin password, change board colors or add a "read password" -- a read password will require all users of your board to know that password; you can also add a title such as Welcome to Mrs. Smith's eBoard
  4. Control panel will tell you how many visits have been made to your eBoard
  5. Click Save and Exit when done

How do I attach a file to a note?

  1. When you are inside of your note (edit mode), click on the browse button and find your file either on your U drive or A drive; double click the file and it will be attached (uploaded) as soon as you submit
  2. If you have additional notes, you have to click on the button by "add additional attachments" and click submit; when you return to the note in edit mode, there will be room for additional attachments
  3. If you have a picture in jpeg format, you can attach that in the same way

How do I archive a note for future use?
When you are in edit mode, click on "edit note" for the note you wish to archive. At the bottom of the note you will see "move this note to a new tab." Click on the down arrow and select "archive." In this way, you can save your note for future use but no one else will see it.

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