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2024-2025 Kindergarten Registration NOW OPEN

1 New Students

The online registration portal can be accessed here. See below for required documents.

2 Address Change

Did you move recently? Update your address here.

Leaving the District?

Contact your child's school to sign out and get transfer papers!

Paid Pre-K

Toms River Regional Schools Paid Pre-K

Give your child a jump start in 21st century learning!

The Toms River Regional School District is offering a sliding scale tuition based 2 1/2 hour program at award winning Silver Bay Elementary and Joseph A. Citta Elementary School!

  • Individualized instruction through the use of the NJDOE endorsed researched based program, Creative Curriculum
  • Highly-qualified, dual-certified teachers
  • Access to carefully chosen and effective educational technology
  • Special programs throughout the school year for early exposure in preparation for kindergarten
  • Tuition-based 2 1/2 hour program for $325 a month
  • Transportation not provided
  • See the FAQ for more details 

Important note: We continue to monitor enrollment numbers at all locations to provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students. At this time, due to capacity limitations, we must close enrollment for babysitting and daycare students at Hooper Avenue Elementary, Cedar Grove Elementary, and East Dover Elementary. We will work with licensed daycare providers within these areas to provide alternate locations for students.

Required Documents

An original driver's license or photo passport for the registering parent must be submitted.

You must submit an original birth certificate with a raised seal for any child you are registering. To be eligible for kindergarten, your child must reach the age of 5 by October 1st at the start of each school year.


You must provide specific documents to establish residency or you will not be able to register your child. Here are three situations that make a family eligible to send children to Toms River Regional Schools:

  • If you and your child are residents of Toms River, Beachwood, Pine Beach, or South Toms River (i.e. you own, lease, or rent a home or apartment), bring copies of the four (4) documents for verification of residency detailed in the Application for Registration- Proof of Residency Checklist.
  • If you are currently legally residing/domiciled with your child in the home of a resident in our districts, the resident (homeowner/lessee) must provide the four (4) documents for verification of residency detailed in the Application for Registration- Proof of Residency Checklist AND the legal parent/guardian must provide two (2) documents for verification of residency as detailed in the Application for Registration- Admission of Domiciled Student Checklist, with both parties signing before a notary.
  • If you, the parent, are not a resident of nor domiciled in Toms River, Beachwood, Pine Beach, or South Toms River (read two descriptions above), but a Toms River Schools zoned resident is the proposed guardian of your child, the resident/guardian (homeowner) must contact the Central Registration office at 732-505-2600 to determine eligibility to attend the district. An interview will need to be scheduled with both the proposed guardian and the parent.
  • There are also special situations related to child protective services, court orders, and the military. Please call our staff at Central Registration so that they may assist you.

Be advised that in addition to the Department of Education Regulations N.J.A.C. 6A:22 prohibiting such conduct, New Jersey State Law, specifically N.J.S.A. 18A:38-1(c), provides that any person who fraudulently allows a child or another person to use his/her residence for school admission purposes is guilty of a Disorderly Persons Offense punishable under the New Jersey Criminal Code.  


State statute 18A:40-4 requires that all students have a physical examination by a physician. Your physician will complete this form upon the conclusion of your child's physical. You may still register if your child has not yet had a physical, but the completed physical examination report must be signed by the physician and submitted to the school prior to starting school.  


This form is to be completed by the parent for all new students entering Toms River Regional Schools, including issues like health concerns, disabilities and insurance.


Provides a listing of the vaccinations your child requires prior to starting school.


Your child's immunization records showing the dates of Primary Series and booster doses. N.J.S.S.C. Chapter 14 requires that immunizations be complete and up-to-date or the student may be excluded from school. For details, see 

This requirement only applies in situations regarding parental rights and/or limitations due to divorce or separation. If any restrictions are needed, court documentation must be provided and a Restricted Release form will need to be requested and submitted.

This form is needed to request educational, health, and any special services records from the last school the student attended.

Records Release Form

How to Navigate the Online Registration Portal

Cómo navegar por el portal

Tips for Uploading Docs

Kindergarten Docs

Frequently Asked Questions

Send an email to with your address and the grade level(s) of your student(s). You will receive a response with the correct school(s).

You will need to submit a written request and both a letter from the babysitter stating their intent to act in this role as well as a current utility bill as proof documenting the sitter's residency to:

Assistant Superintendent James Ricotta

1144 Hooper Ave

Toms River, NJ 08753

Re-approval is required annually.

Provide us at registration with the contract of sale and the estimated closing date. You will have to provide proof of your new residency within 21 days of moving in.
Provide the appropriate documentation at the time you are registering by email to Be sure to note the student name, an explanation of your circumstances and if you have already completed the online registration or will be doing so.

Central Registration is located on the campus of High School North, 1245 Old Freehold Road, Toms River, New Jersey 08753. Visitors should enter the campus at the main HSN entrance. Proceed approximately 300 yards where you will see a small grey building in the back right corner of the large parking lot to your right. The building is marked with signs for Central Registration and District Security. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Registrations and address changes are taken 8 am to 2 pm Monday through Thursday.

We strongly encourage registrants to complete the process online, as all required documentation must be submitted digitally. If you do not have access to a computer or if you do require additional assistance, please email our office at or contact us at 732-505-2600, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Preschool FAQ

For the 2024-2025 school year, paid pre-k will be at Silver Bay Elementary School, Joseph A. Citta Elementary School, and North Dover Elementary School.

The hours for Citta and Silver Bay are 8:40-11:10 OR 12:20-2:50. The hours for North Dover are 9:25-11:55 and 1:05-3:25. Your child may select one session for your child. 

Students need to be between the ages three to five years old to attend the paid pre-k program.
The program is five days a week.
Tuition is $325 a month, however, this is a sliding scale program. If you qualify for free/reduced meals, you will be eligible to receive a discount for the preschool program. If you do not qualify for free/reduced, you will pay the full tuition amount each month. Once eligible, an invoice will be generated and mailed directly to each family.

Once your child has been registered for the summer, you can complete an application at the end of the summer. To apply for free and reduced assistance, please visit Food Services to fill out an application. Once the information is processed, you will be notified of your eligibility and your invoice will be revised.  

Tuition is due the first of the month. All payments can be sent to the address below. Cash or check only.

Attn: Maureen Costanzo

Early Learning Center

1144 Hooper Avenue, Toms River NJ 08753 

Registration for preschool will open in the spring following kindergarten registration. You can find more information directly on the Central Registration website.
At this time, the Toms River Regional School District does not offer full day paid preschool at SIlver Bay Elementary, Joseph A. Citta Elementary School, or North Dover Elementary School. 
No, transportation is not included. Parents must drop off and pick up their child daily.
Yes, families need to live in Toms River Regional School District to be eligible for this program.