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District Mission Statement

Toms River Regional Schools is a community of dedicated students, professional staff, and supportive community members. Together we are committed to providing an innovative and rigorous educational experience that

  • aligns with and exceeds New Jersey Student Learning Standards
  • respects the dignity and safety of every person in the school community
  • recognizes and nurtures the unique talents, interests, and experiences of each individual
  • develops students into lifelong learners who are socially responsible, confident, value diversity, and are able to adapt to the present and future challenges of a complex world.

District Goals 2019-2020

Each year, district leaders craft challenging goals based on a review of previous years’ goals, achievement data, feedback from stakeholders, and a consideration of government mandates, local and societal needs, and relevant research. They must be general enough to encompass and guide all other curricular and building goals, yet specific enough to be measurable and achievable. The district goals then form the basis for building goals, which in turn inform department, administrator, and teacher professional development plans. Progress on these goals is reported mid-year and at the end of the school year.

1. Student Achievement: Improve student attendance, behavior, and ELA and math achievement, as identified in the 2018 ESEA Accountability Profiles, through tiered intervention and differentiated instruction strategies. 

2. Budget: Develop a financial plan that includes both alternative revenue sources and the continued identification of efficiencies to minimize the cumulative impact of state aid cuts on students, staff, programs, and the community..

3. Facilities: Work with project manager to complete referendum projects within timetables of the project contract and allocate facilities staff to address other deficiencies and build preventative maintenance plans for our buildings.

4. Technology:  Focus on technology practices that improve differentiated learning, promote careers, and foster computational thinking at all levels.

5. Community and Communications:  Continue to foster positive relationships with community organizations and grant partners. Articulate district progress toward goal achievement through online and printed publications. Increase authentic career and technical learning opportunities ( CTE) for students to interact with local and regional individuals and organizations to promote diverse aspirations and expand career awareness across all grade levels.

Approved at the BOE Meeting July 24, 2019


District Vision

Toms River Regional Schools are, above all, student centered. We recognize the classroom as a place where all students

  1. feel safe to learn, work together, and express themselves respectfully;
  2. are encouraged to discover and develop their interests and abilities, no matter what their present level of performance;
  3. are offered experiences in new and wider fields of knowledge that can make life richer and more satisfying. 

We understand that all of a person's experiences influence that person's development. The curriculum of Toms River Regional Schools, therefore, embraces pupil opportunities-- classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, field experiences, social functions, and community projects-- that embrace the whole child. Recognizing and encouraging student choice and voice are fundamentally to achieving this vision.

Being a lifelong learner means not only developing habits of mind that include analysis, introspection, critical thinking, and problem solving, but also applying a mindset that ensures personal future readiness and becoming a socially responsible citizen: adaptability, flexibility, mindfulness, empathy, tolerance, open-mindedness, and grit. The district is committed to helping students strengthen these traits through authentic learning opportunities that connect them with their community and the larger world.

Many closely interrelated factors determine the degree to which we can create a positive  learning environment. We acknowledge the importance of physical surroundings, but even more important are human relationships. Supportive, caring, and professionally bounded connections between students and staff help promote growth and a sense of belonging.

We believe that no educational philosophy can be static. The aims and policies of the Toms River Regional Schools are being continually reexamined in light of changing pupil and community needs. We encourage continuous feedback and revision.

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