Dear Parents/Guardians,

I welcome you to the 2018-19 Joseph A. Citta Elementary School year. In our school, we celebrate diversity, and we strive each day to work with our students and families to assure that each child reaches their potential and develops a strong sense of responsibility for themselves, their peers, and their community.

Through their 21st Century educational experiences at school, home, and within the community, students will gain the skills, strategies, and motivation necessary for continued learning and collaboration. We maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence, leadership, and social-emotional growth. We believe that all students should be respected, appreciated, nurtured, and challenged according to their individual needs. The staff welcomes all of our Seahawk Families to Joseph A. Citta Elementary School, and I am looking forward to a successful and wonderful year!

We are Toms River Regional Schools Mission Statement The Toms River Regional School District is a team of talented, committed staff, dedicated learners, and supportive community members. We are devoted to providing a comprehensive, caring educational experience based upon rigorous academic standards which nurtures the unique talents of each individual. As lifelong learners, our students grow to become socially responsible individuals who value and respect diversity. Our mission is to create a safe and positive learning environment where children can develop the confidence and capabilities to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

This year, Joseph A. Citta Elementary School continues to be committed to creating a positive learning environment where students are academically and socially successful. As part of our strategic plan, we are implementing Positive Behavioral Support in Schools (PBSIS), a nationally validated framework for creating a positive school climate. At Citta School, we refer to this approach as "Citta Style." The Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS) framework is associated with increases in positive student outcomes and an increase in instructional time. Through a collaborative team process, we have determined that "Citta Style" is one of our priorities at Joseph A. Citta Elementary. Through the consistent and genuine implementation of these practices, we will continue to nurture the positive environment we see at Citta School.


Mallory M. Kennedy


Joseph A. Citta Elementary School