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Oct. 28, 2022-- Guidance departments from all high schools hosted their annual Financial Aid Night Oct. 26, an event targeted at parents and guardians of district students. Eric Ginsburg, from Solution Prep, made an energetic and informative presentation that included such topics as:

  • how to get the most free money to help pay for college
  • how to reduce college expenses and avoid student debt
  • how the changing financial aid landscape could affect families
  • national and local scholarships

The program was designed to help parents and guardians learn about the ins and outs of potentially saving thousands off the cost of college, regardless of a family's financial position. Turnout for the event was great and the feedback was positive.

A week prior to that, the evening of Oct. 20, High School East’s Hispanic Heritage Club held a seminar for Latino parents on how to use the Genesis Parent Portal.

Some key points discussed during the presentation were navigating the Parent Portal to find student report cards, progress reports, attendance, and official forms, as well as how to communicate with the staff. Parents also learned how to interpret the symbols in the Parent Portal and how those icons relate to different school policies.

Parents left the workshop equipped with tools to ensure their child’s success during their high school career.

More parent resources are available on the Parents page of the district website.

Financial Aid night from guidance counselors
Hosts for Financial Aid Night included High School South Guidance Coordinator Richard Stratton; Director of Student Services John Green; Solution Prep's Eric Ginsburg; HSS counselors Gwen Demand and Kristen Waldron; and High School East Guidance Coordinator Monica Santamaria.
High School East Genesis night

Spanish Heritage teacher and Hispanic Heritage Club Advisor Liz Rodríguez helps Spanish-speaking parents navigate Genesis Oct. 20.

Genesis night Oct 20 picture 2

Financial Aid Night photo 2