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opening lane for High School East student
One student sees an open lane and takes it ... as his teammate gets blocked near the lockers and chaos continues in the background. All of this was totally normal during the NJGPA Amazing Race held March 7 at High School East. Photo by Allison Goodwin

March 11, 2024-- Tomorrow begins New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessments (NJGPA) for juniors throughout the district. State-mandated testing isn't often students' idea of fun, and the preparation leading up to it can often be grueling, so some district leaders developed a way for kids to blow off some steam while at the same time, exercise their brain (and physical) power.

Hence, an Amazing Race.

The event was held last Thursday evening at High School East, capping a week of prep and providing a mental health break for 11th graders taking the NJGPA this week. From Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots, to hallway roller derby and football-style blocking drills, to raffles and prizes (right) and so much more, the evening featured costumes, parents and siblings, and a healthy dose of fun. 

All of it was captured by HSE's Allison Goodwin, whose photos are below.

prize pack for Amazing Race
Photo by Allison Goodwin