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High School East choir

High School South singer

High School East's choir (left) filled the 1144 lobby with acapella songs with Latin and African roots; High School South's performance began with a beautiful solo from the balcony, enjoyed by Superintendent Citta and many others (above); and High School North's orchestra invited some junior conductors from the Early Learning Center to help lead them in their holiday melodies (right).

High School North min conductors

Dec. 21, 2023-- As is tradition, students from all three high schools visited the district's business offices today at 1144 Hooper Avenue, and they brought with them instruments, their beautiful voices, and a strong dose of holiday cheer.

High School South's choir, High School North's orchestra, and High School East's choir each took turns serenading district staff, students at the Early Learning Center, other office tenants, and guests and families with holiday tunes. It's arguably the holiday-centric event that Toms River Regional Schools staff look most forward to each year, and it never disappoints. Additional photos below.