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April is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2 was Autism Awareness Day. This photo was shared by teacher Danielle Baxter on Twitter. The virtual sharing of photos, videos, and messages like this has been the mission of the district in 2020, as it honors those with autism and their loved ones, while continuing to educate the broader school community.

April 6, 2020-- April is Autism Awareness month, globally recognized as the time to promote acceptance and celebrate differences.

Each year, the district strives to celebrate this month through various events and school-based activities. This year is obviously different, as the Virtual School Day plan remains in place, but the mission is the same. In partnership with the district's Special Services department, several schools are leading the effort to celebrate Autism Awareness Month in 2020.

"At the core of Beachwood Elementary’s beliefs is that these differences should be and are celebrated and recognized every day," wrote Beachwood Elementary Principal Kim Muir in a message to parents. "Each year, our Autism Awareness Committee engages students in meaningful activities that promote the development of social skills, peer relationships, and life skills. Because we are unable to connect in the ways we typically would, I am asking for your help from afar in celebrating our students with autism."

That help involved collecting photos so the school could create a gallery celebrating students with autism and their loved ones. Additionally, Beachwood staff developed an educational video which shares facts about autism.

Autism teachers and staff across the district who lead autism-based programs also created a video in honor of Autism Awareness Month:

For Autism Awareness Day, which was April 2, Pine Beach Elementary School produced a robust collection of FlipGrid videos featuring teachers, administrators, and staff members sharing their thoughts about the importance of the day and month.

As April progresses, schools will continue to elevate autism awareness, celebrating inclusiveness, kindness, and our differences. And the district will continue to provide updates both on this website and through its social media channels. See below for examples of the some of the content shared so far honoring Autism Awareness Month.

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