Burble, Fizz, Kaboom kept Silver Bay students entertained and informed about chemistry during a presentation as part of the school's Arts Lab March 13.

March 13, 2019-- Smiles and laughter are not typically associated with learning the fundamentals of chemistry, Silver Bay’s Arts Lab is fueling students’ urge to learn.

Burble, Fizz, Kaboom-- a program that extends the school's grant-funded YA Arts Lab and partnership with Young Audiences Arts for Learning-- proved to be a dynamic and engaging presentation that had students mesmerized as they witnessed chemical reactions and explored the phases of matter.

Conducted by artist Box of Light and its founder and director Rand Whipple, Burble, Fizz, Kaboom combines chemical reactions, solutions, molecules, and phase changes with a great sense of humor, and is presented with a lot of help from the audience.

Every concept the show explored utilized a physical mnemonic device that helps children of all ages remember the concept and vocabulary word. Students participated in demonstrations that illustrated phase changes, solutions and reactions. As is evident from the photos below, students reactions' were just as memorable and impressive as the actual presentation.