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Congressman Andy Kim spoke to third grade students at Citta Elementary about being an elected official and about the important role government plays in their everyday lives.

Congressman Kim Shares Experiences in Government

Third graders at Joseph A. Citta Elementary welcomed Congressman Andy Kim to their school on Friday, March 22. The classes gathered in the Media Center to listen to Congressman Kim read excerpts from the book What's the Big Deal About Elections? by Ruby Shamir. Congressman Kim, while reading the book, shared his experiences in politics with students and the many things a congressman does while in office.

The Pack 30 Boy Scouts led the group in the flag salute before Congressman Kim began his program with students. While speaking to students, Kim talked about the important role government plays in their everyday lives and encouraged students to take an early interest in elections and politics.

He stressed to students that elected officials work for the communities that vote for them.  "In a sense, all of you are my bosses," Kim said.  "I am here to listen to and support the people who voted me into office.  That's what public service and my job as a congressman is primarily about." 

He also shared with students about his time working in the White House and the different presidents he has worked for and met during his career in politics.  

Superintendent David Healy attended the event and praised students for representing the district so well and for being very attentive during Congressman Kim's presentation.  

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