County supe visit
Executive County Superintendent Charlie Muller, center, was joined by High School South Principal Mike Citta (left) and Superintendent Thomas Gialanella during a visit to HSS July 28.

July 28, 2021-- Executive County Superintendent Charlie Muller visited Toms River today to check in on the district's summer programming.

At High School South, Muller observed the school’s music and world language class and its Vocal Music Institute. Both programs, as well as the graphic novels book club (those students were visiting Ocean County Library) host students from throughout the district. The timing of his visit to the vocal music class proved perfect for Muller, who was spontaneously treated to a song (see below).

At Intermediate South, Muller witnessed the school's Summer Acceleration Program, a district-wide effort to utilize these summer months to accelerate students' academic growth in math and ELA, particularly following nearly a year and a half of limited in-person instruction.

The visit was a productive one for the county superintendent, and provided the district a chance to show off its programming and the dedicated staff leading it all.