Ukulele team
From left to right, Chris Morley; Angel Davila; Mia Vargas; Lenny Villacis; Devlin Braniff; and Joe McGovern

June 19, 2019-- High School North’s Creative Design Technology students recently accomplished something very cool.

Led by architecture, engineering, and design teacher Joe McGovern, the team completed a prototype ukulele using plywood, real ukulele strings, and a 3D printed bridge at the base of the guitar. While they’re currently working on the 3D-printed frets, the instrument is tuned and playable.

Contributors to the project included Leonard Villacis (his idea); McGovern (build assist and wood working expertise); Mia Vargas (background in music and ukuleles); Chris Morley (wood-working expertise); Angel Davila (assisted with attachments); Devlin Braniff (assisted with attachments); and HSN Assistant Principal Kevin Raylman (wood-working expertise).