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Christmas tree decorating downtown

singing at Town Hall for the holidays Dec 11
After helping decorate the Toms River Town Hall tree (left), students visited council chambers where they sang holiday songs (above) for Mayor Mo Hill, district staff, and other guests.

Dec. 11, 2023-- If the three core elements of the holiday season are tree decorating, caroling, and hot chocolate-- and there's a strong argument that this is indeed the holiday trifecta-- then district students just had an ideal experience.

Helping the mayor decorate the Town Hall tree has been a long-standing tradition for Toms River students, but this year the spirit of the season was extended. After hanging their ornaments created with a "winter at the Jersey Shore" theme (top right), students from Beachwood, Pine Beach, Washington Street, and West Dover elementary schools ventured upstairs to council chambers, where they sang holiday songs (bottom right) for Mayor Mo Hill and many others in attendance including Superintendent Michael Citta, Assistant Superintendent Cara DiMeo, teachers, parents, and families.

After that, students went back downstairs where they were provided hot cocoa and holiday treats by district staff members Geralyn Gallucci and Director of K-5 Curriculum Rachel Cicala.

Additional photos of today's holiday festivities are below.

winter at the Jersey Shore ornament
singing holiday songs in council chambers