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East marching band in disney photo 1

High School East's marching band, led by director Douglass Miller, performs on the streets of Disney World in Orlando, Florida this past weekend (above). Miller marched that very parade route when he was a Marching Raider himself back in 2012, coming full circle. As for 2024 students, they were left with familiar (right) yet unique and indelible Disney memories. More below. 

Photos by Allison Goodwin

Disney marching band trip photo by Allison

'Action-packed four days'

East marching band in disney photo 2

May 1, 2024-- High School East's marching band and chorus spent this past weekend in the "most magical place on Earth," and they drew from and added to those positive vibes during a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Students certainly put in the work to get there. It was a long and arduous process to audition as part of Disney's Imagination Campus initiative, a student travel experience steeped in curriculum, "creative thinking, and fearless exploration through the magic of Disney Parks." But High School East's band and chorus were indeed accepted, and made the most of the opportunity.

High School East chorus in Disney photo by Allison

The chorus performed at Disney Springs (above) and the band marched down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. When students weren't performing, they attended learning workshops. The concert band and chorus both independently recorded a portion of the music from Frozen under direction from Disney musicians.

Oh, and as for the fearless exploration? They certainly participated in that as well.

fearless exploration at Disney World for HSE

See? No one looks scared here at all.

"It was an action-packed four days that the kids felt very privileged to be a part of," said HSE teacher, trip chaperone, band mom, and photographer Allison Goodwin, whose photos grace this story, including the gallery below.

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