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schoolhouse rock at high school north photo 1

schoolhouse rock at high school north photo 2
An enthralled first grader looks on (left) during High School North's May 2 morning performance of Schoolhouse Rock (above). The musical will debut to audiences of all ages May 6.

Sneak Peak of Nautical Stars Spring Show

May 2, 2024-- Yesterday and today, first graders from throughout the district enjoyed the extra-special experience of visiting High School North to watch the school's talented actors perform Schoolhouse Rock

The popular American musical is based on the series of animated and educational short films that were televised from the late 1970s until the mid 1980s. Excited first-graders filled the Maria Ressa auditorium to watch members of the Theatre Academy and Nautical Stars Theatre Company perform the show, which will debut for public audiences May 6.

schoolhouse rock at high school north photo 3
Giddiness turned to silliness before the lights went down, at which point the audience of first graders all screamed.

Schoolhouse Rock auditorium shot from yesterday