Five TRRS ASR students-- Vivianna, Giovanna, and Julietta Onofrietti; Kaitlyn Culbert; and Jake Rice-- competed in the virtual Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF) after placing at the Jersey Shore Science Fair. Story below.

April 20, 2021 -- Last week, five Toms River Regional Schools Authentic Science Research (ASR) students competed in the virtual Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF) after placing at the Jersey Shore Science Fair. DVSF brings together students from Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and South Jersey to present their advanced science research projects to local professionals. Support for the ASR program by district administration, faculty, parents, local specialists, and Central Ocean Rotary Club have been key elements as students have carried out graduate-level research, earning the opportunity to present it in state, national, and international venues. Dr. Marybeth Kretz and Mrs. Christine Girtain-- directors of the ASR program-- are very thankful for the continued support.

The 2021 DVSF represented the first time in the history of TRRS that a student earned first place in a category and became a medal winner, thus advancing on to ISEF. In fact, not one but two students are moving on to the most prestigious Science Fair in the World.

How the DVSF Runs

Students compete by grade in 13 categories. All first-place category winners in each grade compete against each other for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards in each grades fair.

Medal winner in each grade move on to ISEF (International Science & Engineering Fair). The full list of awards won by students of the Toms River Regional Schools Authentic Science Research Program at DVSF are as follows:

Special Awards:

University of the Sciences $30,000 scholarship: Julietta Onofrietti, High School North, Botany

Botany Harrisburg University of Science and Technology $15,000 Scholarship: Jake Rice, High School South, Physics; Giovanna Onofrietti High School North, Biochemistry; Julietta Onofrietti, High School North, Botany

Eastern Regional Research Center Future Scientist Award (honors students with the Future Scientist Award for having meritorious projects dealing with agricultural research): Giovanna Onofrietti, HSN, Biochemistry

1st runner up American Entomological Society - Calvert Award $50 (awarded to outstanding accomplishments in insect-related study, preferably relating to local species; all winners receive a monetary award, certificate, one-year membership in AES, and an invitation to an AES meeting in the spring): Kaitlyn Culbert, High School North, Environmental

Medal Awards that move on to ISEF:

Gold Award 9th grade DVSF: Kaitlyn Culbert placed first out of all ninth graders, earning the Gold Medal and moving on to ISEF,  placing Kaitlyn in the top four students out of all high schoolers from three states

Silver Award 12th grade DVSF: Giovanna Onofrietti placed second out of all twelfth graders, earning the Silver Medal and moving on to ISEF, placing Giovanna in the top eight of all high schoolers from three states

Category Awards by grade:

1st Place 12th grade Awards DVSF:

  • Physics $100- Jake Rice Effect of Nonconductive Sleeve on Muon Interaction Rate
  • Biochemistry $100- Giovanna Onofrietti Effects of Bioactive Compounds of Berry Seed Extract on Cariogenic and Periopathogenic Bacteria

1st Place 9th grade Awards DVSF:

  • Environmental- $100 Kaitlyn Culbert Breakthroughs in Honey Bee Health: Continuous-Release Mist Diffusion of Thymol-Based Essential Oils

2nd Place 11th grade Award DVSF:

  • Botany $75- Julietta Onofrietti Fruit Seed Extract Effects on Pathogens Prevalent in Oral Disease

3rd Place 10th grade Award DVSF:

  • MicroBiology $50- Vivianna Onofrietti Erythritol and Aloe Vera Gel Effects on Oral Bacteria in Early Childhood Caries