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meal kits

Breakfast bars, Craisins, cereal, applesauce, crackers and more are included in the district's new meal kits.

March 29, 2021-- Beginning this Thursday, April 1, the free meals for which all students are eligible will be in the form of convenient kits.

"The free meal kits being provided are shelf-stable, peanut-free, and meet state and federal guidelines for nutrition," said Food Services Director Peter Brattan.

Students receiving in-person instruction will be able to take home kits for the week of spring break on Thursday, April 1, and all-virtual students can pick up their meal kits at their nearest school between 10 a.m. and noon that same day. Virtual students who currently receive meal delivery will have their meal kits delivered on Thursday afternoon.

Moving forward, students receiving in-person instruction will take home their meal kits on Mondays and Thursdays, and all-virtual students will be able to pick up their meals on Fridays or, if eligible, have them delivered. Pickup or delivery of meal kits will not be available for students attending school in person.

Each box contains six meals-- three breakfasts and three lunches-- and milk will be provided as well.

"The rollout of these kits has been a true team effort," said Brattan, "and I thank our cafeteria staff, maintenance team, principals, and administration for their support. We're happy to be able to provide these kits for our students."