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HSS awards
Pictured left to right: High School South Vice Principal Chris Peck; teacher Amber Hull; students Joshua Bocchino, Emma Grunin, and Alexa Gonzalez; Supervisor of Educational Technology Tiffany Lucey; and HSS Vice Principal John Oberti

Teacher Amber Hull’s language arts students at High School South learned how to code with Supervisor of Educational Technology Tiffany Lucey as part of the expansion of interdisciplinary coding opportunities at the high school level provided by the TR: TechReady grant-funded program. Students designed games aligned with literature questioning whether technology is the start or end of civilization using the introduction to Unity and Scratch programming tools, and participants were awarded Amazon gift certificates. Awards were granted to Joshua Bocchino for creating the most thoughtful game design and literary interpretation through programming; Emma Grunin for the most complex game design and taking what she learned to the next level; and Alexa Gonzalez for heavy-duty programming and going above and beyond expectations, outreach and time commitment.