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Toms River Regional Schools congratulates its intermediate and high school graduates, and wishes them the best of luck in their ongoing education and future endeavors. Galleries of our schools' graduations are posted below, and we hope the photos reflect the joy and excitement of this special day for students and their families, as well as our staff members. Revisit the live streams of our schools' graduations June 22 and 23, also linked below. Once again, congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Senior Walk

One of the district's most treasured traditions continued in 2022, with seniors visiting their former grammar schools to walk the halls, see their former teachers, and greet young students who have their own aspirations of graduating one day (which will be here before they know it, as these seniors and teachers can attest!). At schools like Hooper Avenue, Cedar Grove, Citta, Beachwood, and more, soon-to-be graduating students paid a celebratory visit.

High School East

High School North

High School South

Intermediate East

Intermediate North

Intermediate South