HSE PD room

Staff at High School East enjoy the new, cozy confines of the Jersey Mike's Professional Development Room, which opened recently at the school.

Nov. 14, 2018-- Thanks to Jersey Mike's, other generous school donors, and the vision of a select few teachers and administrators, High School East has a new and improved space for its professionals to, well ... develop.

The school opened the Jersey Mike's Professional Development Room, a space designed for staff to convene, host meetings, train, and more.

The PD room is adorned with an honorary plaque which, according to the school, "says it all." The plaque reads:

The students and staff at High School East extend their thanks to Jersey Mike's, Class of 1998, Morano Tours and our PTO for their contribution and generosity in donating funds for the construction of this professional development room.

Special thanks to Kaitlin Mahoney for her creative influence in the design of this room.

Thanks to Ed Kayler and Mike Yost for their support in the assembly of the room accessories.

Thanks also to Erin Anders and Kevin McCann for their vision and painting skills.

Additional photos of the new space are below.