May 20, 2020-- High School South science teacher Emily Schmidt is now published.

The article to which she contributed her research and expertise-- "A small molecule G6PD inhibitor reveals immune dependence on pentose phosphate pathway"-- has been published in Nature Chemical Biology (2020).

Schmidt studied biology at Rowan University and conducted research developing a novel stem cell treatment for intervertebral disc degeneration. While there, she also worked in a lab researching molecular interactions of proteins in nematodes homologous to Gli proteins in humans.

"This was work that would provide opportunities to make advancements in cancer research," Schmidt said.

As her interest in cellular and molecular biology increased, Schmidt pursued a career in research after college, and began working at Princeton University laboratories studying metabolomics.

"Specifically, I was working on a project that sought to characterize the structure of the G6PD protein and develop an inhibitor that serves to investigate the role that G6PD plays in various cancers," she said.

The work of Schmidt and others has revealed that G6PD can be used as a target in pharmacological studies seeking to regulate the immune response.

Schmidt's experience and her keen interest in molecular biology has enhanced her teaching career and, now, led to her being published, a tremendous feat within the scientific community. You can read her full article by clicking the link below. Congratulations, Emily!  

Emily Schmidt
HSS's Emily Schmidt