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Amy Mackle and Hooper Avenue students
Hooper Avenue Elementary School students surround their exemplary educator, Mrs. Mackle.

Amy Mackle and her students

Nov. 2, 2022-- Each year, the New Jersey Department of Education invites public school districts to participate in the Exemplary Educator Recognition Program, which has a mission to identify outstanding educators for special recognition. One such Toms River Regional Schools teacher was indeed recognized as part of this program.

Hooper Avenue Elementary School fifth-grade teacher Amy Mackle is now, officially, an exemplary educator.

"Mrs. Mackle's everlasting impact on all students academically, emotionally, and socially can not be overstated," said Hooper Avenue Principal Jason Hughes. "Her classroom exists as a true exemplar to the profession."

A state certificate of recognition was given to Mackle, who has taught at the school for 28 years. Congratulations to Amy Mackle on this well-deserved recognition!