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Facilities worker Dharm Bhatt talks with Assistant Superintendent James Ricotta in a hallowed-out High School North auditorium watching Capital Projects Manager Mark Wagner and Newport Construction rep Marc Cerami on a lift inspecting the ceiling. Reps from Maser Consulting look on as well. The auditorium is the site of another major referendum-based renovation. 

Joe and the ceiling
Board President Joe Nardini (left) on the lift alongside Marc Cerami, project superintendent for Newport Management Construction

Jan. 8, 2020-- No one can claim the district's school board members and administrators are afraid to get their hands dirty.

Today, Board President Joseph Nardini, Assistant Superintendent James Ricotta, and HSN Principal Ed Keller found themselves high up on a lift, inspecting the ceiling of the High School North auditorium to help determine-- along with the district's facilities team and reps from Maser Consulting and Newport Construction-- next steps in the makeover process.

The ceiling is just one facet of the complete makeover set for the auditorium which, in addition to hosting plays and numerous school events, is the usual site for Toms River Regional Schools' monthly public school board meetings when they're in-person. New lighting, flooring, seating, a floor-based control center and more will transform and modernize the space.

For now though, it's a hallowed-out shell. Which made it easier to utilize the lift today. The team expects the entire project to be completed by September, and is hopeful a newly revamped High School North auditorium will be up and running to begin the 2021-2022 school year.