Ready! Set! Play! 

June 14, 2018-- Toms River Regional Schools third- and fourth-grade students and parents participated in the music department’s Instrument Test Drive Wednesday, June 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at High School North. The test drive was a community outreach component of the "Play It Again, Toms River!" program, a grant-funded initiative to replenish musical instruments led by Pine Beach Elementary School.

Children “test drove” a variety of instruments-- which were provided by Beachwood Music, Garden State Music, Music Academy, and Music and Arts-- met teachers and students involved with the program, asked questions about band and orchestra, and watched performances by ensembles from the three high schools. More photos are below, but to view the full gallery, click here.

test drive 1

Test drive 5

test drive 2

Test drive 4

Test drive 3

Test drive 6

Test drive 7