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Jan. 28, 2022-- Intermediate North’s Science Club students completed projects and showcased them at their annual Science Fair. Students worked independently on their projects in different areas of science since the fall in preparation to present them to judges.

Science teachers Katie Keller (sixth grade) and Kristin Renkin (eighth grade) helped guide the students throughout the process, and serve as the Science Fair’s directors. Keller, Renkin, and their students were joined at the Intermediate North Science Fair by a large group of very interested folks from throughout the district, including Jen Bolcato (Intermediate North teacher); Mike DeVita (Silver Bay principal); Ed Keller (High School North principal); Dr. Kelly Kirk (6-8 science supervisor); Adrienne Gold (director of curriculum 6-12); Cara DiMeo (assistant superintendent); and Dr. Stephen Genco (superintendent).

“These students did an outstanding job,” said Renkin. “We wish them good luck as they prepare for the next level of competition in the Jersey Shore Science Fair at Stockton University on March 19, 2022.”