Beth and Debi
Intermediate North teachers Beth Lee and Debi Cagliostro proudly hold up copies of The Paperclip Revolution, they book they co-authored which has recently been published.

The Paperclip Revolution
Deb and Beth

Debi Cagliostro and Beth Lee

Dec. 21, 2020—Two seventh-grade English language arts (ELA) teachers at Intermediate North have co-authored a book. The Paperclip Revolution by Beth Lee and Debi Cagliostro is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book follows the path of two middle schoolers, Sam and Bri, with opposing viewpoints on school, and explores the factors that influenced those mindsets and how developing a mutual understanding can go a long way toward success.

“It began with the idea of writing about how two people look at things differently, and how trying to understand perspectives makes us better people,” said Cagliostro. “This is a recurring theme in our teaching.”

The process of developing the story and writing the book has been a years-long labor of love for the longtime colleagues. So, how did it finally come together to the point of actual publication?

“A little extra time home-- thanks, Covid-- led to the book’s publication,” said Lee.

Lee and Cagliostro extend an impressive trend of district staff becoming published authors. Intermediate East ELA teacher Angela Germano and East Dover Elementary Supervisor JoAnn Nocera both recently had works published in the past two years.

For more about The Paperclip Revolution, visit its Amazon page or read the back-of-the-book preview below:

Middle school---the worst place on Earth. Sam Cooper and Bri Arnold are eighth graders living very different experiences. How is it that two people can be in the same school and have such different perspectives on the same things?

Sam said, “I hate school. I hate everything about it. I mean everything. I hate it on every sensory level. I hate the overuse of the color beige.”

Bri said, “Yay! It’s the first day of school. I absolutely love the first day of school. I can’t wait until everyone gets to see my new outfit! I look so cute in this skirt! "

Sam and Bri must learn the value of understanding another person’s perspective in order to come together to fight the evil Miss Lee and launch the paperclip revolution.