IS Engineering Challenge
Students in Cycle 83 at Intermediate South display the machine they designed during the 2020 Fluor Engineering Challenge.

Back in early March, students in the Cycle 83 Academic Activity period at Intermediate South, competed with more than 4,900 students from 8 countries in the 2020 Fluor Engineering Challenge.

The challenge presented to students was to create a machine capable of repeatedly launching a ball to knock down a wicket. Over 1,750 teams accepted the challenge and engineered machines from simple materials like cups, craft sticks, rubber bands, tape, and cardboard tubes. They then competed by seeing how many times their machine could knock down a wicket in a three-minute window. 

Although the Intermediate South students' creation did not place in the competition, their teacher, Ms. George-Horn reported that students, "...explored and applied the engineer design process while learning the importance of prototyping problem solving and collaboration."  Sounds like a win to us!

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