SB Beyond the Laces
Every student at Silver Bay Elementary received a copy of the heartwarming tale Beyond the Laces and a lesson in kindness thanks to several community organizations.

A random act of kindness started a domino effect that rippled throughout Silver Bay Elementary.

Fountains of Hope, a foundation whose mission is to ensure every child is included by giving back to the community, saw an opportunity to organize an assembly at Silver Bay. What no one realized was this small spark would ignite a fire of generosity and kindness at the school.

The assembly with Fountains of Hope took place on October 18th with the authors and team from the book Beyond the Laces. The story tells the journey of a young boy and his family as they face a health crisis. The family’s determination and the kindness from the boy’s football hero creates a heart-warming tale.

Prior to the assembly, Fountains of Hope was determined to ensure that each Silver Bay student received a copy of this inspirational story. Toms River and Lakewood Pine Belt united forces with the Silver Bay PTO and Fountains of Hope to make this dream a reality.

Copies of the books were given to each student after the school's Halloween parade on October 30th. The goodness of the community did not stop there. The High School North Marching Mariners played during the Halloween parade and residents from Brandywine Assisted Living visited the school as part of the celebration. Some of the guests are great-grandparents of Silver Bay students and they were very happy to take part in the celebration with their great-grandchildren.

The halls of Silver Bay were filled with goodness because of many community organizations working together to spread joy and kindness. Fountains of Hope and the Beyond the Laces team both aspire to inspire kindness. As a result, every student received not only a book but a life lesson that a small act of kindness can build in momentum and will leave a profound mark on the lives it touches.