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OCC leadership conference photo 1
Students from High School East (above) and Intermediate South (right) were among those who attended the 2023 Ocean County Student Leadership Conference Nov. 14.

Intermediate South at OCC leadership conference

Nov. 15, 2023-- Yesterday, chaperones including Director of Student Services John Green and guidance counselors accompanied students from all district intermediate and high schools to Ocean County College's 2023 Student Leadership Conference.

The event brought together students together from throughout the county to share experiences and inspire one another to stamp out hate in any of its forms and wherever it appears.

"It was a great day," said Green.

The event was led by Ocean County Prosecutor Brad Billhimer (right), who urged and encouraged the young men and women in attendance to become current and future leaders through empathy and compassion, and to do their part to stamp out hate.

Bradley Billhimer speaking at conference